Apperson Crump PLC recognizes the importance of privacy and the sensitivity of personal information. As lawyers we have a professional obligation to keep confidential all information we receive within a lawyer-client relationship. We are committed to protecting any personal information we hold. This Privacy Policy outlines how we manage your personal information and safeguard your privacy.
Your Privacy Rights
Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) generally prohibits any financial institution, directly or through its affiliates, from sharing nonpublic personal information about you with a nonaffiliated third party unless the institution provides you with a notice of its privacy policies and practices, such as the type of information that it collects about you and the categories of persons or entities to whom it may be disclosed. In compliance with the GLBA, we are providing you with this document, which notifies you of the privacy policies and practices of Apperson Crump PLC.
Apperson Crump PLC is responsible for the personal information we collect and hold. To ensure this accountability, we have developed this policy, and trained our lawyers and support staff about our policies and practices.
Why Does Apperson Crump PLC Need Personal Information?
Apperson Crump PLC provides legal services and products to a wide range of clients. In doing so, it produces direct marketing materials concerning its services.
What personal information do we collect?
Personal information is any information that identifies you, or by which your identity could be deduced.  If we did not collect and use your personal information, we could not provide you with legal services.
How do we collect your personal information?
We collect information only by lawful and fair means, and not in an unreasonably intrusive way. Wherever possible we collect your personal information directly from you, both at the start of a transaction and in the course of our representation.
Sometimes we may obtain information about you from other sources, for example:

•    your insurance company
•    your real estate agent in a property transaction
•    from a government agency or registry
•    your mortgage broker or loan officer, if we are acting for you, at its request;
•    your family member
In most cases, we shall ask you to specifically consent, if we collect, use, or disclose your personal information. Normally, we ask for your consent in writing, but in some circumstances, we may accept your oral consent. Sometimes, your consent may be implied through your conduct with us.
Use of Your Information
We use your personal information to provide legal advice and services to you, to administer our client's pending transaction and to include you in any direct marketing activities. If you tell us that you no longer wish to receive information about our services, we will not send any further material.

Apperson Crump PLC does not disclose your personal information to any third party to enable them to market their products and services. For example, we do not provide our client mailing lists to other law firms.
Disclosure of your Personal Information
Under certain circumstances, Apperson Crump PLC will disclose your personal information:
•    when we are required or authorized by law to do so, for example if a court issues a subpoena;
•    when you have consented to the disclosure;
•    when the legal services we are providing to you requires us give your information to third parties (for example a lender in a real estate mortgage transaction) your consent will be implied, unless you tell us otherwise;
•    where it is necessary to establish or collect fees;
•    if we engage a third party to provide administrative services to us (like computer back-up services or archival file storage) and the third party is bound by our privacy policy;
•    if we retain other law firms at your request, and on your behalf;
•    if the information is Publicly Available Personal Information, as it is defined under the GLBA.


Updating Your Information
Since we use your personal information to provide legal services to you, it is important that the information be accurate and up-to-date. If during the course of the pending transaction, any of your information changes, please inform us so that we can make any necessary changes.
Is My Personal Information Secure?
Apperson Crump PLC, takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that your personal information is kept safe from loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. Among the steps taken to protect your information are:

•    premises security;
•    restricted file access to personal information;
•    deploying technological safeguards like security software and firewalls to prevent hacking or unauthorized computer access;
•    internal password and security policies.
Communicating with Us
You should be aware that e-mail is not a 100% secure medium, and you should be aware of this when contacting us to send personal or confidential information. We have the ability to solicit personal information from you via secure e-mail. Never send us any personal information without assuring that the information being sent is encrypted.
Changes to this Privacy Policy
Since Apperson Crump PLC regularly reviews all of its policies and procedures, we may change our Privacy Policy from time to time.
Web Site
Our website contains links to other sites, which are not governed by this privacy policy.


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