Contract Preparation and Negotiation

The traditional contract is all but overlooked in the specialization that has developed in the legal practice over the last 50 years, but we feel that we continue to give transactional documentation the respect and care it deserves. We have the benefit of years of experience drafting and negotiating contracts of every type. Our contract creation experience and knowledge spans the life-cycle needs of any company, as well as contracts for the conduct of day to day business. The proper designations and elements of documenting so directly affect the accounting, tax and legal impact of the transaction that we spend a duly disproportionate time making sure we have correctly addressed these items in our drafting.


Further, we have attorneys with the analytical skills needed to consider a proposed transaction from the standpoint of enforceable elements of contract law, so that the proper memorialization of the parties' intent may be enforced in a court of law as intended. Finally, because of the strong litigation support given our Section, we can appreciate what language will support the elements of bargain consideration, and the proper designations of the parties' relationships and undertakings.

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