Constitutional Claims

When clients are troubled by the application of statutes and regulations, or by other governmental activities, our lawyers analyze whether those activities run afoul of constitutional protections.  Where appropriate, we pursue litigation to vindicate our clients’ constitutional rights.  Our attorneys have appeared in the United States Supreme Court, federal courts of appeals, the Tennessee Supreme Court, and many other federal and state courts in a wide variety of cases involving constitutional issues. 


Our constitutional law practice runs the gamut of issues that may arise under the United States and Tennessee Constitutions. Our engagements in this area have included the following matters, among many others:


  • Protection of First Amendment rights for religious organizations
  • Representation of taxpayers challenging taxing schemes under state constitutional uniformity requirements
  • Representation of landowners challenging the constitutionality of zoning laws
  • Representation of clients raising challenges to local regulations under the Home Rule provision of the Ohio Constitution
  • Representation of businesses challenging the constitutionality of the state bidding process
  • Vindication of privacy rights under the Tennessee and U.S. Constitutions
  • Representation of clients in actions alleging preemption of state and local laws by federal law, through operation of the Supremacy Clause
  • Representation of clients in litigation challenging state and federal legislation and regulations as being in violation of other constitutional provisions
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